Water Care for Spas


  • Check the water using test strips, read the results and perform the corresponding water maintenance as per strip levels.


  • Check, rinse and clean filters. Filter flosser and filter debris bags simplify the process and are easy to use.
  • Add scale remover in areas with hard water.


  • Replace your ProClear™ or Nature 2 mineral cartridge.
  • Replace your ProClarity® micro filter, on J-400 spas.
  • Drain and replace water (every 3-6 months, depending on usage).
  • Clean your hot tub cover, an often-overlooked part of your spa. It is important to keep your cover clean to extend its life and appearance.


  • Replace your filters (this recommendation is approximate and you should consider model and usage).
  • Replace your CLEARRAY® UV-C bulb. Your local dealer carries CLEARRAY® UV-C bulbs for an effortless replacement.