Nature 2 Blue


Blue Nature 2 (locks into filter caps)

This is the perfect supplement to your sanitation routine. The ProClear Spa Mineral Sanitizer interacts with your spa shock, MPS, or TRIO #2 weekly packet to release a mild, natural sanitizer into the water. The benefit is lower demand from your chlorine sanitizer which in turn allows you to add less chemicals to the water. Your Mineral Sanitizer is designed to snap into the removable cap of your Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub Filter.

Don't forget to replace your ProClear Mineral Stick every three to four months.  Longevity is based on how often your hot tub is used.  After three to four months, the silver coating on the beads contained within your cartridge will have dissipated and no longer active in your water.  Even though it will still appear as though your cartridge contains product, it will no longer be effective in keeping your water sanitary and free of bacteria.

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